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Retriever Puppies

Quality field retrievers are our specialty, proven by the many successful field trial and hunting retrievers that carry the HIGHTEST name. As of 2020, all of our breeding stock live in hunting homes so they can be part of a loving family. As we continue to welcome guests to come by to meet us and tour our facility, please check in ahead of time if you'd like to meet our breeding stock. Our sires and dams come to Hightest when they are due to be bred. Arrangements can be made to visit with them at that time.  

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Puppy Jungle Gym



 Yellow Litter 

Tentative Due Date Sept 8th

  Tentative Go Home Date Nov 6th

HRCH Rocky Miles in Kentucky MH

Black Foot's Time and Tyme Again SH

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 Chocolate Litter 

Tentative Due Date Sept 6th

  Tentative Take Home Date Nov 6th

Hightest Reagan's One Grand Sweet Song JH

Prairie States Coffee Bean

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"Great area for Training, lots of ponds for water work and open fields for land. Teal and the training crew are a great group and we've enjoyed our time here recently working with them. The maintenance is a lot of work and Teal works hard to see that the grounds are well kept. The office gals are a hoot! Entire staff loves dogs!"
Les and Deb Ziegler

Some of Our Recent Puppy Buyers

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Otis X Jade Puppy Go Home Pics 1.jpeg
Cam x Cadence Puppy 2.jpg
Puppy Pic Cam x Cadence.jpg
Otis X Jade Puppy Go Home Pics 2.jpg