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Gun Dog Training

Our basic gun dog training course is one hundred twenty days and is offered to our customers who have purchased a puppy from us. Dogs can begin as early as seven months of age. During the first and second month, we focus on teaching the dogs to learn. Our emphasis is on obedience (on and off leash), e-collar conditioning, and a recall to the whistle. We continue to nurture your dogs natural ability to retrieve with birds on land and in water both in the first and second month. Dogs are also introduced to the gun at this time. The introduction to trained retrieve, to ensure your dog delivering to hand, begins in the second month. 

Experience the joy of a Hightest trained dog!

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At the end of each month we like owners to come up for a one-on-one training session with their dog and the trainer. During the sessions you will be instructed in basic obedience and how to handle your dog in the field.

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We provide a high quality, positive learning experience for dogs and their owners.

During the third and forth months the dogs are taken out to different locations to learn to retrieve birds in simulated hunting situations. They work on retrieving ducks over decoys in the water and on land. Every morning the dogs are loaded into their own kennel compartment on the dog truck and are transported to different fields and wetlands where they are worked individually.


As of January 1st, 2024, the cost of the four month program is $1,815 per month. The cost includes boarding, feeding of a premium quality kibble, and birds. More advanced hand signal training for blind retrieves can be taught during winter months.




"We have used Hightest over the past 15 years and have always been very happy with the services provided. My lab just finished the gun dog program and now my Chinese Pug is finishing up obedience training. We are over the moon with the progress the pug has made. Our German shepherd will be out soon."


Stacey Kinser


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog forget me while being away from me so long during training?

Dogs have a very long memory and six weeks to three months is not a long time for them. You will also be coming

up to the kennel at scheduled intervals during the training to work with your dog and the trainer. Once your dog smells you and hears your voice he/she will recognize you and be happy to see you.


Will training change my dog's personality?

Training changes your dog's behavior but not his personality. Training helps organize the dogs thought processes so that he can be more self controlled and respond to commands.


Will training correct my dog's undesirable habits such as digging or destructive chewing?

Training teaches the dog to respond to commands when you are present. It does not teach the dog to behave in a certain manner when you are absent. Digging and chewing are best addressed by confining your dog in a crate or dog run when you are unable to supervise him. 

Kennel Vaccination Requirements
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