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Hotel Hightest

Boarding With Exercise 

We offer a wide selection of training and exercise programs for your dog while he or she is boarding with us. Whether you are going on a long

vacation or away for just a few days, you can be confident your dog is being well cared for and exercised at the level he or she is accustomed too.


Dogs are housed in a clean, climate controlled, well-ventilated individual run. Our kennel is able to house all size dog breeds. We feed Purina Pro Plan 30/20 or will feed food that you provide. Medication is also administered for dogs that require it. Every dog receives a bath before going home.

We Provide A High Quality, Positive Learning Experience for Dogs.


We promise to care for your dog as if it were our own!

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While boarding, it is an excellent time to have your dog brush up on his or her obedience skills or gun dog skills. When you return, you can request a one-on-one lesson with your dog and the trainer. This will familiarize you with the lessons your dog has learned during their stay with us. 

Veterinary vaccination records are required at the time of kennel admittance to validate your dog has a current DHLPP, BORDETELLA (kennel cough), RABIES and a series of 2 CANINE INFLUENZA vaccinations with annual re-vaccination.

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As of January 1st, 2023, Rates For Boarding with Exercise Are:

Boarding with Exercise: $40.00 per day

Dogs are aired and exercised two times a day for approximately thirty minutes.


Boarding with Obedience Training Refresher and Exercise: $55.00 per day 

Boarding with Obedience Refresher is for dogs that have previously completed our Head Start or Obedience programs. Dogs are aired and exercised two times a day and receive an obedience lesson daily. Basic obedience commands and leash work are refreshed. You can request a one-on-one session with the trainer when you schedule your dog's pick up. ($75/hr.)


Boarding with the Gun Dog Refresher Training and Exercise: $55.00 per day
Boarding with the Gun Dog Refresher is for dogs that have previously completed our three month gun dog training course. Dogs go out in the field every day and retrieve birds. This is an excellent way to tune up your dog's retrieving skills while you are on vacation or just before the season starts.  (Birds included)


Boarding with Exercise and the Big Pond Walk: $55.00 per day
Dogs go for a fun run around the pond. This is a supervised, long leash exercise period with plenty of time to play and enjoy the outdoors. There are opportunities to swim, retrieve, and just explore the natural setting of our five acre training ponds. Dogs love the aquatic setting, especially on warm days..


An additional late afternoon/early evening exercise session can be added for $15.00 a day.

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