Diabetic Alert Dog Training

Application Process 
  1. Submit Your Application​. You have three options:     

  • Complete the application online​. E-mail to mail@hightest.com

  • Print a copy and mail it back to us.

  • Complete the application over the phone by calling (530) 742-3647.

Click On Word Doc to Fill Out Application

2. Phone Consultation
     We will schedule a phone consultation with you after we receive and review your application. This           discussion can take about an hour. During the phone consultation, we'll discuss: 

  • Your lifestyle, frequent activities, and your travel practices.

  • Your motivation and support for getting a Hightest Diabetic Alert Dog.

  • Your current health status.

     You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about Hightest's Diabetic Alert Dog Training                 Program. By the end of the conversation you will have an idea of what funding and supplies are               required if you are accepted and ideas on how to go about raising the funds and gathering the                   supplies necessary for Hightest to begin training a pup for you.

3. Approval Notification
    After your phone consultation has been completed and any supplemental information has been        received, we'll notify you when your application has been approved. 

4. Contract

    Along with a copy of your approval notification, we 'll send you a detailed contract. Once                your contract has been agreed upon and your deposit has been received, we'll determine                the pup that is right for your individual needs and begin that pups training. 


DAD's Ricki & Coffee
Training Programs
Finished Dog - 12 to 14 Months Old

Our finished Diabetic Alert Dog Training can be completed in approximately twelve to fourteen months. Puppies are selected for our program based upon their response to scent imprinting and natural drive. From eight to sixteen weeks of age, puppies learn about the world in which they will be be required to work. Socialization, scent discrimination, and a conditioned response are all part of the pups learning. Advanced training typically begins at six months of age and continues until the dog is ready for their scent and alert certification testing. As of 2021, the cost of a finished Hightest Diabetic Alert Dog is $2,500 a month for training and the cost of the diabetic alert dog puppy (average $3,000 plus CA tax).


“I know I say this A LOT, but This boy is what having the best DAD that is SO loyal looks like. A couple weeks ago we were in North Dakota and JW started having blood sugar issues... like bad crashes any time he moved to the point he was downing Mountain Dew after Mountain Dew just to get it up to 115-140 until the next move and it would crash again. It was so bad he couldn’t even take any insulin for a few days which in return wasn’t good since his body doesn’t make any. It was a scary ride home for us. We made it home and I took him to the ER to see his Dr... because of COVID he left Ricky in the car with me. This boy whined and searched for his daddy until Dr Fey okayed for me to bring him in. It’s crazy how they (Hightest Kennels) matched the perfect dog to JW without even knowing anything more than his work lifestyle and a little bit of his day to day schedule.”    Madison Porter

DAD Ricki