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Links We Think Will Interest You

Hunting and Dog Organizations


Waterfowl Assoc.

Orthopedic Foundation

For Animals

Ducks Unlimited

Canine Eye

Registration Foundation

Labrador Centronuclear Myopathy Testing Inro & List of Cleared Dogs

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Labratory


Kennel Club

Retriever Training Equipment & Supplies — Products We Use!

Your Dog Training

Equipment Connection

Dead Fowl Trainers

ProPlan Nutrition for

the Working Dog

English Leads & Collars

Remote Launchers for

Retriever Training

Original Plastic Knobby

Dummies & Plasti-Duk Decoys

Performance Apparel & Supplies

for the Gun Dog Community

Avery Sporting Dog Supplies

Dog & Kennel Gear

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