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Puppy Head Start Hunt Training

Experience the joy of a Hightest trained dog!

Puppy Head Start is for pups four to five months of age. It is an introduction to the skills your dog will need to be ready for more advanced Gun Dog training. We have found that people often don't know what to emphasize in their early training and many puppies are poorly started. For the hunter, Head Start Hunt will help you and your pup develop into a successful hunting and retrieving team. 


As of January 1st, 2023, the cost for the fourteen day training program is $980. Dogs stay at the kennel during their training and are housed in individual runs. 



At Hightest, we strive to provide a high quality, positive learning

experience for dogs and their owners.


Head Start Hunt Puppies will be worked on both land and in the water for the retrieve and get accustomed to the gun shot. 


We promise to care for your dog as if it were our own!


At the end of your dog's two week training we will schedule a one-on-one training session for you to work with your dog and the trainer. This session is to instruct you how to handle your dog and maintain progress.

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"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Shaemus is doing great after his Puppy Head Start Gun Dog training. He hunted the opener for the Northern Zone and was a perfect blind partner. He has work to do, but at five months old, I could not be happier with where he is. He made multiple retrieves and has the foundation to be a valuable part of our duck hunting team as well as a great family dog. I have pics of him at work if you would like. Again, thank you for giving him the tools that he needs to be successful."


Ben Sitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Will training change my dog's personality? 

Training changes your dog's behavior but not their personality. Training helps organize your dog's thought processes so that he/she can be more self-controlled and respond to commands.


Will training correct my dog's undesirable habits such as digging or destructive chewing?

Training teaches the dog to respond to commands when you are present. It does not teach the dog to behave in a certain manner when you are absent. Digging and chewing are best addressed by confining your dog in a crate or dog run when you are unable to supervise him. 

Kennel Vaccination Requirements
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