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What Our Customers Have to Say

Hello I just wanted to give Hightest a very big THANK YOU for spending extra time with my pup Drake. I took him out this last Wednesday and he retrieved 14 birds all on his own I am so happy and excited to make many more memories with my hunting partner thank you again. 


Ben Schallberger



“Thank you for the great training, she is awesome! Stella is killing pheasant and duck season."


John Renner 



This is Ranger This is Ranger, he just went home from Gun Dog Training on Friday and this is his first Retrieve. He is out of Dixie and Blue. Hightest Kennels exceeded my expectations by far. Their facility is top notch for both breeding and training. Their staff knows their stuff and each trainer is skilled at not only training but each add their individual expertise to the training. My Lab Ranger went for the Puppy Head Start Training and then the three month Gun Dog Training . By the second month I would have been satisfied. When I picked him up after the third month, he was a fine tuned duck dog and he was still just 10 months old!  I can't say enough about the Hightest Training staff. 


Dennis Baca




We picked up our puppy, Major just yesterday. He took to his crate right away. Doing very well on potty, is really adjusting well today, and, surprisingly, he just did a few retrieves on an orange puppy bumper:) 


The Norton Family



Teal and Lindsey.
Zito was retrieving his duck at the park this afternoon with enthusiasm. I think he was a little out of his element in training but we continue to work with him. Thank you for all you tried to do with him. He is just a wonderful dog hands down.  We thought a training program was the best way to go... you guys are an amazing training facility and we will definitely be up to use your facilities and recommend you to all of our friends! You guys are a class act!

Rene’ Welter Urone 




I brought Murphy to Hightest when he was six months old for their Puppy Head Start Program. The staff and trainers I met with when I dropped him off were friendly, polite and professional. They listened to me about what I had already taught Murphy, and gave me good feed back of what the program will entail. When I picked Murphy up from the training, his trainers said he had done extremely well and had progressed quickly over the past two weeks. At eight months old I brought Murphy out for The Duck Season Opener. He did very well with the gunfire and was able to retrieve for us during the shoot. I am very happy with the training Murphy received and am excited to get him out more this season.

Anthony Fox


Chewy, is really growing fast. He is about to go to puppy Head Start training at Hightest.  He was the biggest of the litter but all the puppies were amazing.  I'm sure he's in for a real treat.

Forrest Long 




Hightest Staff;


Last week I had to put my greatest companion, Cookie to rest.  She had lung cancer for the last three plus months and it was time.  


She had a mild bout with an arthritic knee a few months prior, but the drugs took care of that-cancer not so.  Luckily her hips were fine to the end. 


 I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Cookie into my life and training and boarding her for all of twelve plus years.  Even though I grew up with a variety of dogs, I never realized how much joy a Lab like Cookie could bring as an adult.  From seven weeks on we were a team.  


I was fortunate to take her to work with me for ten of those years.  Many at work got to know her and would make special trips to my treatment plant just to see cookie and throw her bumpers and give her cookies.  Rain or shine she ran up and back on her zip line and held her post until it was time to go home. 


I knew her days were numbered so I used the last few months to reminisce about our times together.  I even visited places where I threw the bumper until my arm was ready to fall off.  She had her moments like most dogs.  


Two GPS units and a few TV remotes were just different flavored biscuits, and the house has always been a mess.  


I rarely hunted with her but that wasn't her fault.  My location and work took care of that.  I truly believe she would have been a great hunter.  My not hunting her did not detract from the great dog she was.


Speedy would have been proud!


I do hope she's in a happy place still watching over me.  The memories are more saddening right now but that will change and I will soon cherish all we had together.


Thank you again for all you did 




Dear Hightest,
It is with a heavy heart that I let you know we lost our sweet Layla. She was 14 years and 3 months old. She was from a Tucker and Sugar litter. Although she always had an independent streak, she was still a sweetheart and we miss her dearly. Thank you for helping us have a healthy and absolutely gorgeous girl who was able to be a part of our family for more than 14 busy and fun-filled years.  

Mitzy Edgecomb




This is Colt, born Dec. 16, 2017 out of Pearl and Major. He’s THE BEST dog ever, couldn’t love that little guy any more that I already do. Thank you!! ♥️

Rachel Elliot

Hightest Bella Si Aqua! The smartest fastest dog I know. Thank you so much hightest for breeding this amazing dog for us!

Lisa Balesteri Oliver


Thank you for this hunter’s best friend.  Butte has been an absolute joy!

Trevor Caulder


THANK YOU for giving us Cameron Ailin Ray. Our fourth try. Our only yellow male in a sea of blacks from Major and Polly. Thee smartest and most loving pup. And those ears! 
Destined for greatness.

Beth Parker


Auggie is out of Wizard & Sage. Jasmine is out of Major & Polly. They are the best of friends!


Thank you for our two incredibly smart, fun and loving companions!


The Parrott family 

Auggie & Jasmine


Goodwins Champ Patton’s Dream

May 07, 2007 -May 16, 2018

Some 11 years ago, I searched the internet for my fondest dream. A well-trained Labrador to hunt with. The perfect dog. A companion and hunting partner. Finally, I found Hightest Retrievers. They had three started dogs available. Now came the decision of which one. I gave up, and in a trusting phone call, asked for advice.  She stated, “Champ is the one if you want a great dog”. In a leap of faith, I told her that Champ was the one and made arrangements for delivery of Champ. They took a few weeks and did some finish work with Champ. 


Finally, the much anticipated day came for his shipment to us.  His flight was delayed over 10 hours on the stormy night he was to be ipped to Tulsa, Oklahoma airport over three hours away. Champ finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning. We loaded up and made our way home over snowbound roads. We found out later, the roads we were on were closed due to the snowstorm. Champ made the entire trip in a kennel, never making a sound. Early morning, we finally made it home and who insisted on sleeping with me? Champ! A bond was formed immediately, and until May 16, 2018-Champ never left my side. Always waiting for me, and always faithful. 

Champ quickly became a great hunting partner and my closest friend. His skills developed very quickly and he seemed to anticipate my instructions. He retrieved over 5000 ducks and geese during his career. Hunting was his passion, and he loved every minute of our hunting trips all over Oklahoma. It was very apparent to me Hightest had provided me with everything I had asked for and more! What a champion he was!

Champ was an avid hunter and a gentle giant of a hunting dog. He provided us with 11 years of unconditional love. He truly was a “Champ”. 113 pounds of loving puppy to us all. Everyone, including our vet staff loved the dog. He made an impression on everyone that he came in contact with.

Earlier this year, Champ began to act differently, sleeping more than normal. It went undiscovered, but our Beloved friend had fallen ill to cancer of the spleen and liver. May you never have to endure the loss of a true champion in this manner. My wife and I have been truly devastated by the loss of our “Champ.” The unconditional love he provided us was truly an irreplaceable gift. 

My deepest Thanks to the Hightest staff for providing my wife and I such a wonderful gift of the life with “Champ”.



Kelly and Cindy Goodwin

I want to thank  Hightest Kennels and the staff especially Stephanie for the outstanding job getting Maggie ready for Hunt Tests and a good Gun Dog. She passed four straight hunt tests to get her AKC Junior Hunter Title. Can’t wait to get started on her Senior Hunter Title and hunting season. Thank you so much!!

DeWayne Glazewski



"Hightest's six week training program is amazing.  After going through this program, Ranger (Wizard and Lilly) has complete response to commands and is a pleasure to have along on adventures around Lake Tahoe. No more worries about him bolting away from us.  We highly recommend this program for all high energy dog owners.


Liz McDermotte

Hightest's Black Olive hunting at 6 months old and doing extremely well. I can't imagine how much better she will be after going through your Gun Dog Training program. Puppy Head Start was well worth it. Thank you Hightest for such a loving and fun dog! She is out of Suzie and Moon.

Brian Stewart

Black Olive

Bella is about to finish her second waterfowl season before she turns two in January.  She is an extremely smart pup out of Hightest’s Major and Jade.  Hightest made shipping Bella as a puppy, across the country to Vermont extremely safe and easy.  Bella is the first dog that I have ever trained for waterfowl, and the experience has been amazing.  Thank you Hightest!
Jack Vallee

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