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Hightest Sweet Prairie Singer CGC - "Kira"

DOB 9/8/21

AKC #SS29292201

OFA Hips Good LR-270997G24F-C-VPI

OFA Elbows Normal LR-EL118229F24-C-VPI

OFA Eyes Normal 



OFA Dilute D/D Clear 

Brucella Canis Titer IFA Negative

UC Davis Labrador Retriever Genetic Health Panel:

  • Congenital Myasthenic Syndrom (CMS) - N/N Clear 

  • Copper Toxicosis - ATP7A - N/7A : ATP7B - N/N

  • Cystinuria Type I-A - N/N Clear

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - N/N Clear

  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK) - N/N Clear

  • Hyperuricosuria (HUU) - N/N Clear

  • Narcolepsy - N/N Clear

  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef) - N/N Clear

  • Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRCD) - N/N Clear

  • Stargardt Disease - N/N Clear

  • Skeletal Dysplasis 2 (SD2) - N/SD2 Carrier

  • X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM) - N/N Clear


Kira is 55 pounds of desire and enthusiasm. She will be completing her AKC Junior Hunt Title this Spring and has completed her Canine Good Citizen Title. She is a precise marker out in the field both on land and in the water. Kira has a willing temperament, is easy to handle in the field and out on the town. She is described as an excellent family companion, and one of our more docile dams. Her sire, our stud Reagan, passed down his happy-go-lucky personality and thick, dark chocolate coat. Kira has a strong field pedigree with 16 Field Champions in five generations.  With her easy temperament and willingness to please, we feel Kira's pups will thrive as family companions, service/therapy working dogs, and paired with our driven studs - biddable and hearty bird dogs. 

IMG_6353 (1).jpg
Kira 3 2023.jpg
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