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Hightest Kennels Breeding Program

Hightest Kennels, Inc. has moved to the placement of all our current breeding stock into active family or hunting homes. Our breeding program has been designed to provide the day-to-day care. love, attention, and continued training of our dogs away from our kennel environment. Every working dog deserves a loving family they can share their enthusiasm with: wake up, eat, train/hunt/retrieve/play, bask in the glory of their success for the day, then eat, sleep, and repeat the next day! 


What are the criteria to bring Hightest Breeding Stock into your home?


  • The desire and enthusiasm to support the selective breeding program of Hightest Kennels, INC. to improve the Labrador Retriever breed one litter at a time.

  • Your willingness to comply with Hightest Kennels, INC Breeding Program Contract.

  • Your ability to provide a safe, secure, loving home for a large, reproductive, active dog. 

  • The flexibility to accommodate the breeding dog's schedule and Hightest Kennels INC breeding program's needs.

  • Purchase food recommended by Hightest Kennels INC and followed suggested feeding guidelines for our working dog.

  • Have a schedule that does not leave our working dog home alone for extended periods of time. Someone who is home for most of the day, works from home, or can take our dog to work with them is a great fit.

Hightest Kennels, INC retains the ownership and breeding rights of our dogs while our dog lives with your family. Males and females begin their breeding career after they turn two years of age and after they've passed OFA hips, elbows, and eye certifications along with their OFA CHIC certification and UC Davis Labrador Retriever Health Panel 2 genetic testing. Our females come back to us when they are in season and again ten days before their due date to whelp each litter of puppies. They return to your home once their puppies are weaned , usually about 6 weeks after whelping. Our breeding females usually have 4-5 litters and are in our breeding program until they are around 5-6 years old. For the males, the dog will have to be available to us for breeding at certain times of the year. You will get about a weeks notice when one of our Stud Dogs needs to return to Hightest to breed. They will either visit us for a short time of the day or we may need to keep them here for a few days. Males are in our breeding program until they are around 7-8 years old. Transfer of ownership happens once the dog has finished her/his breeding career and has been spayed or neutered at our expense. 

Breeding Stock Application
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